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Career consultants

We at Careers Compass believe that human resource is the most valuable of all resources that a company can have. That is why we sincerely believe that enough time and effort needs to be put in to find the best people to employ in your organisation. The most precious asset any company can have is the people it sources to fill in the various skilled positions. The sourcing may be done locally or globally, but the important thing is finding the right candidate.

This can indeed be a challenging task, and we at Careers Compass strive to make this task easier for you by offering the best choice and flexibility in fulfilling your staffing solutions. Tell us what exactly you need, and we will endeavour to offer you customized HR solutions by extending our services that match international standards. Right from the smallest requirement involving a dozen or so employees to offering to fulfilling the needs of large corporate houses, we have the wherewithal and resources, not to mention the huge database to choose from to satisfactorily fulfil each requirement.

Who We Are

We are proud to record here that our core competency lies in recruitment and we can fulfil the workforce requirements covering a wide range of fields like construction, import-export, trading, retailing, shipping, finance, engineering, manufacturing, education, service sectors and more. Our forte lies in the extremely short time we take to find the perfect candidates who will best suit your needs. We also believe that talent has no limits and we are adept at optimizing human potential. The superior solutions we provide for all your staffing needs helps you understand, acquire, develop and retain the best workforce that ensures smooth work flow in your organisation.

We are in the business of linking people scattered in various parts of the world with different companies and provide an ideal platform for meeting the best talent available in order to fulfil your staffing requirements. Our solutions are personalized to a great extent as we take time to study the exact requirement and can offer a speedy solution for the same. Our extensive database includes potential candidates drawn from various locations internationally including India, Bangladesh, China, Philippines, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

We believe in offering complete staffing solutions hence we also take care of all pre-employment and post-employment formalities, thus making things a lot easier for the recruiting companies and the potential candidates who need to relocate from various locations.

Our Services

Being global service providers our reach is extensive and we have created a broad platform to facilitate the meeting of jobseekers and employers with a common goal of finding the perfect partner. This is what prompted us to coin the caption PERFECT PLACEMENT PARTNERS as we truly believe in partnering with companies and jobseekers alike, creating the perfect bridge that enables quick crossovers.

A quick glance at what we do for our clients

  • Locating the perfect professional, whether skilled, semi-skilled or trainee, and helping complete the hiring process smoothly.
  • Initiating thorough background checks on potential candidates that span qualifications (educational), experience, credentials, aptitude and more importantly attitude towards the job.
  • Reaching out and extending assistance to the candidates to relocate and helping with documentation in drawing up work contracts.
  • Keeping track of the employee's performance after placement, if required, to ensure adherence to compliance of contract stipulations and general behaviour.
  • Assessment of current skill levels and last pay drawn, to facilitate fixing of appropriate CTC.

What we do for the candidates

  • Finding the perfect job that matches the skill-sets, educational qualifications, age restrictions, and preferences, if any.
  • Filling in the candidates on the current openings available that match their skills, age and experience. Explaining skill and training requirements stipulated by the employers.
  • Helping in getting clearances from the government departments, helping find suitable accommodation, helping understand the cultural transition, and explaining the local laws and compliance requirements.
  • Help draw up a mutually agreeable and satisfactory contract for the employer and job seeker.

The Best Choice

What makes us the best choice for companies looking for talented candidates with multiple skill sets is the access we have to a vast database of exceptional talent. Our dedicated staffing team is constantly updating our requirements and our resource bank, with new talent being added to our growing database. We strive to keep the potential employees and the employers happy by connections that lead to mutual trust and benefit, promoting long-term relationships.