Dependent Passes are issued to legally married spouses and children of candidates holding an Employment Pass or S Pass. The candidate needs to be drawing not less than $4,000 as salary and needs to be working in Singapore. Children need to be less than 21 years of age and should be unmarried.

Documents required to be produced while applying for Dependent Pass

  • Sponsor letter issued by a Singapore registered company, the sponsor is normally a Manpower Agency that has contracted the job agreement with the company where the Dependent Pass holder is employed.
  • The application form needs to be signed by the applicant and needs to be endorsed with the company’s seal, with the signature of an authorized officer of the company.
  • If the applicant is below 16 years of age, one of the parents needs to sign the application.
  • A recent passport size photograph (not older than 3 months prior to the date of the application)
  • All details regarding the applicant’s passport and other travel documents. Applicants who share a common passport with the benefactor should submit the relevant passport details.

In order to establish the relationship with the benefactor like marriage relationship, an official marriage certificate needs to be produced. If there are any unmarried children, their official birth certificates need to be produced, which should reflect the names of the parents. For legally adopted children, the official adoption papers (certificate) need to be produced.

All documents must be presented in neatly typed format in English and should be clear and legible. Wherever documents are in a language other than English, translated copies need to be attached in the prescribed format. PEP job seekers are required to pay all prescribed fees as per the existing rules.