The Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP) is meant for Employment Pass Holders who are desirous of bringing in their families to Singapore, which includes parents as well. Common-law spouses are also eligible to be brought in, as are handicapped children below the age of 21 and above as well, step-children below the age of 21 and parents of those with P1 pass. Only existing Employment Pass Holders can apply for Long Term Visit Pass on behalf of the person seeking the pass, LTVP holders cannot seek employment during their stay in Singapore.

Required Documents

  • Prescribed application form, duly filled and signed by the applicant.
  • Evidence of sponsorship by an employer based in Singapore.
  • For children below the age of 16, a parent needs to sign.
  • A recent passport size photo ( not older than 3 months from date of application)
  • Passport details, along with details of all travel documents.

Documents proving his or her relationship with Employment Pass Holder

  • A declaration from the common-law spouses stating that the applicant is a common-law spouse, and a letter from the embassy of the Employment Pass Holder confirming the legality of the marriage in the country of origin.
  • If handicapped children accompany, a letter from the doctor certifying the handicap.
  • For step-children an order from the court granting custody of the child along with a certificate from the biological parents stating that they has no objection to the child relocating to Singapore.
  • For parents of the child, a copy of the birth certificate of the EP holder stating that he or she is the natural parent.

All applicants need to pay the prescribed processing fee while submitting the application and another fee while collecting the pass.