Any foreigner who is employed in Singapore or is seeking employment in Singapore who is not eligible for a Work Pass can apply for a Work Permit (WP). A WP is meant for unskilled workers, and the worker applying for any job through an MOM Service Provider or registered Manpower Agency must be from a country or territory that is already approved for this purpose. The WP is meant only for the specific sector it is issued for.

Important Points

  • While an employer applying for WP for the first time, the company needs to declare details of its activities to the authorities as prescribed. Rules will vary according to the nationality of the applicant. The employer obtaining the WP for the foreigner has the right to have it cancelled under certain circumstances.
  • The application needs to be signed by the applicant, along with the endorsement of the company, along with its seal and signature of an authorized officer.
  • If the applicant is below 16 years of age, one of the parents needs to sign the application.
  • A recent passport size photograph (not older than 3 months prior to the date of the application)
  • All details regarding the applicant’s passport and other travel documents. Applicants who share a common passport with the benefactor should submit the relevant passport details.

Age Limits for Work Permit

  • Minimum age for Work Permit is 18 years for all foreigners.
  • Maximum age limit for Malaysians is 56 years.
  • Maximum age limit for Non- Malaysians is 58 years.

Responsibilities of Employers with regards to WP

  • Obliged to pay Foreign Workers Levy as per rules.
  • Pay salary agreed upon and as mentioned in the application.
  • Provide for medical examination of workers as per rules.
  • Bear the medical expenses of the worker.
  • Pay the insurance premium as per the rules.
  • Go by the terms and conditions as per the Employment Act.
  • Provide proper housing and healthcare.

All companies employing non-Malaysians under WP need to execute a bond with the authorities as per rules.