Any person coming from a foreign country seeking employment in Singapore needs to have appropriate, official, valid work pass granted by the Ministry of Manpower, Government of Singapore. All employment agencies in Singapore are aware of this and assist the job seekers in obtaining a work pass for the candidates for whom they arrange placement. Your prospective recruitment consultants in Singapore take the responsibility of assisting you in applying and securing this important document on the candidate’s behalf. As a job seeker it is your responsibility to keep this pass safe and secure, and produce it on demand whenever a government official asks for it.

Work passes are issued to foreign workers for Singapore for a specific period and purpose. These work passes should be in the custody of foreign workers for Singapore. The work pass carries details of validity like date of issue, the period for which it is valid, and details whether it is for a specific trade, sector, vocation, profession, or activity. In case the work pass is lost or stolen, it should be immediately informed to the concerned officials and request for a duplicate copy should be made.